Does the average person have the time or the education to research and evaluate mainstream beliefs concerning God, religion and science - ideas that many people accept as truth and which permeate every realm of influence in our society? Unfortunately, people are usually so busy with the everyday cares of life that they find little time and even less desire to delve into any lofty quest for truth in such areas. After all, don't most people just believe what they learned in school or church or what they have gleaned from media, family, friends, movies, books, news reports and of course, the internet?

Obviously, any search for truth that involves God, religion and science would be time-consuming and would require wading through a sea of high-minded and often conflicting information espoused by scientists, professors, philosophers, historians and theologians who sometimes have difficulty communicating their wealth of knowledge and insight in a way that isn't overly detailed and boring for the average person.

This book was written by a thoughtful and inquisitive public servant who had a burning desire to seek out truth in these areas. What began as a simple quest, turned into a passionate journey that took thousands of hours and more than two years to complete. This exposé systematically untangles a web of lies that are keeping many in a state of intellectual, emotional and spiritual captivity and it does so in a logical, intelligent and interesting way. And, even though this book was originally hand-written nearly thirty years ago as a labor of love for a few friends and co-workers, the truth that is revealed in this work is now more relevant than ever! Obviously, some of the statistical data from thirty years ago has since changed; however, the original information has intentionally been left intact (with a few notes and updates added in red) to show the world that this eye-opening information has been available for a very long time and yet so many people are still unaware of it. This fact alone will be shocking to many! Plus, the overall truths that this original data supported back then have remained unchanged and are only strengthened by more recent stats and discoveries.

Is it possible for a zealous Firefighter (now a retired Fire Captain) to write with authority and relevancy in these areas of life? Have there ever been any common people in history whose writings have had a transforming impact on people's lives and then remained relevant and important into the future? Indeed there have been many! Truth will remain truth no matter who declares it. If a brilliant mathematician states that 2 + 2 = 4, would that equation be any less true if uttered by the average person? Whenever applicable in this book, facts of an academic nature have been referenced and credited to people who have the educational credentials to support and lend credence to those facts. In some cases, this information has been sorted and pared down to keep it more understandable for the average person but nonetheless true.

This old manuscript has been dusted off and "resurrected" because the truth it contains has never been more needed! The internet has provided a marvelous means to make this life-changing work available to anyone who hates lies and wants to know the truth. That is why this book was made available on-line in its entirety to be viewed, printed or downloaded for FREE by anyone at any time. (No personal information or email address is required to do so.) A paperback edition has also been made available because many people still prefer to read books "the old fashioned way" and a "Kindle" edition is likewise being added. However, for those who still prefer the idea of sending this book to others at no cost, feel free to download it, print personal copies, e-mail it to friends, or share it on social media sites such as "facebook." This permission is granted provided that no changes are ever made to the content and that there is never any monetary charge.

Note: The best way to read this book is from "start to finish" (beginning with the Preface and Prologue). Each chapter contains insights and information that subsequent chapters are built upon in a progressive and logical order.
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